We, as PLATINIUM senior consultants, see each of us
« Chief Customer Officer » and « Chief Value(s) officer »

Chief Customer Officer

It is our pride and our duty to work with a strong client-driven approach. Your interests are the most important driver for us.

Chief Value(s) Officer

It is our pride and our duty to bring you substantial long-term added value and to behave in an ethical and responsible manner, respectful of your company values and ours.


Respect for our clients and respect for the candidates: In our opinion, all candidates, and of course especially those that we have approached, interviewed and possibly presented to our clients, deserve the courtesy of a timely and adapted follow-up.


Prior to accepting a search assignment, we ensure that we are confident to provide a quality shortlist to our client within an agreed timetable. As we concentrate on quality and long term reputation, we might not accept a search assignment we are not confident to handle successfully or which is not in accordance with our professional standards. Loyalty to our clients is more important than anything else.


We are passionate about the constant challenges to create the perfect fit between an organisation and its human resources, either through a search or a consulting assignment. Passion brings fun, and fun is what you need to do your job right.


We say what we do, and we do what we say.


We don’t pretend to know everything, we are keen to learn, to listen and to challenge our choices, opinions and decisions.


We strive for proactivity and creativity to provide you with the best solution, which might not always be the most obvious.