In addition to our core activity of Executive Search, we offer supplementary Human Resources solutions supported by our proven track record and dedication:

  • HR alignment : Leadership Assessments & Team audit
    We help you identify the strengths and development needs of management teams in relation to the specific company’s 7S, based on structured in-depth interviews enabling internal benchmarking against your external competitors.


  • Personality assessment : Obviously for any recruitment, the main factors of success are the candidate’s motivation and the personality issue linked to the global environment of the job.
    In order to draw a better picture of these human criteria (so important on both sides, i.e. for the the employer as well as for the candidate) and to favor the best decision making process, we provide the recruitment with the VIP2A* inventory, a very innovative assessment test which has been developed successfully in France and in Belgium for over 20 years.

(any detailed information on the VIP2A is available upon request)

  • Career coaching : extending the day to day advice we provide to all candidates we meet at PLATINIUM we are naturally well positioned to answer the questions that many professionals raise about their career track, and we are able to give them personalized advice through a coaching process. Our specific approach is always oriented towards finding a satisfying job transition and career mobility for the individuals we coach.